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Sand Filter And Karbon Filter

PT. Adi Jaya Techniques for Selling Sand Filters

The Sand Filter is a process where the treatment of water is manifested by the 'porous' nature of the layer of sand that traps particles in the water. Various other physical / biological processes also occur in the Sand Filter which subsequently peels water from different substances (fermentation, demineralization, removal of ammonium). We Sell Sand Filters, often used in groundwater treatment to remove dissolved iron. Iron and manganese in ground water are oxidized by aeration and the floc formed is then trapped in the Sand Filter. After a certain period of time, the filter is saturated with particles and must be cleaned to prevent it from being completely closed. Sand Filters are cleaned by washing back with air and / or water.

PT. Adi Jaya The technique of selling Sand Filters with a high-quality filter system. Unlike other filter systems, this type of filter captures large and small dirt particles. Large particles include debris such as hair, insects and leaves. Most filters capture this larger debris quite well. Sand Filters are the only way to remove small, invisible contaminants. By choosing Sand Filter from PT. Adi Jaya Technique, you can reduce algae growth significantly.

PT. Adi Jaya Selling Sand Filter techniques with their types, namely:
- Sand filter 5m3 / hour
- Sand Filter 10m3 / hour
- Sand Filter 12m3 / hour
- 15m3 / hour Sand Filter
- Sand filter 20m3 / hour
- Sand Filter 25m3 / hour
- 30m3 / hour Sand Filter
- Sand Filter 40m3 / hour
- Sand Filter 50m3 / hour
- Sand Filter 60m3 / hour
- Sand Filter 100m3 / hour

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