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The Filter Sand (Silica)
The Filter Sand (Silica)
The Filter Sand (Silica)
The Filter Sand (Silica)
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Specification of The Filter Sand (Silica)

Sand Filter Tank is a pressurized filter tank containing silica sand filter media. Sand Filter Tank is made of mild steel and blue material. This functioning tank is filtering water, removing the turbidity of the water and cleaning the dirt particles so the water becomes clearer than the previous condition. dirt particles contained in water. In the process of filtering, the colloidal material is retained in the form of a gelatinous layer, whereas the water-soluble ion ions will be neutralized by the sand ion ions (some of the sand particles also ionize inside the Silica filter). The operation of this tank is manual and is usually used for commercial and industrial scale needs to remove turbidity, mud contents and soil contained in water.

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