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Pressure Tank

PT. Adi Jaya Selling Pressure Tank Techniques

Low pressure tanks are probably the most misunderstood equipment that we sell at PT. Adi Jaya Tehnik. There are many different ideas out there about what they do and how they work so I want to explain the basics of how Pressure Tank operates and what it does, I will also give you some basic tips for maintenance. PT. Adi Jaya Selling Pressure Tank techniques, or pressure vessels are metal or fiberglass containers that can vary in size from 2 liters to 500L. Inside the Pressure Tank there is a rubber diaphragm that divides the tank into two parts, half wet and half dry. The dry section has a tire valve installed on it and compressed air is pumped into it until the pressure is at a certain level. The wet half has a threaded metal outlet (or sometimes plastic) attached to it and this is connected to the pipe for a Pressure Tank.

PT. Adi Jaya Selling Pressure Tank techniques that are generally made of steel or glass fiber. Pressure Tank is a pump with a kind of electric switch on it that turns off the pump when the system pressure reaches a predetermined point, sometimes this is fixed and sometimes can be adjusted. When your Pressure Tank works and the tap on the system opens, water flows out of the tap. When the tap is closed, the water stops flowing and the pressure in the system is formed. When the pressure reaches the "off" setting of the switch or controller, this will shut down the pump and the fixed pressure pipe. Because water cannot be compacted and the pipes only store a little water, when you open the tap again, the pressure drops very quickly and only a little water comes out. When the pressure drops to the "on" setting on the switch, the pump will turn on again and start pumping.

PT. Adi Jaya Techniques for Selling Pressure Tanks:
- Pressure tank of 500 liters
- 1000 liter pressure tank
- Pressure Tank 1500 liters
- Pressure tank of 2000 liters
- Pressure tank 3000 liters
- 5000 liter pressure tank
- 10,000 liters of pressure tank
- Pressure Tank 15,000 liters
- Pressure Tank of 20,000 liters
- etc

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